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The attachment of a clip or accessory to a scuba hose can cause damage. Often, too much pressure is exerted on the hose surface, damaging the outer and/or inner layers reducing the hose strength. Damage to the inner layer can cause a break-down of material and potential reduced flow of gas. The use of any method other than the Hose Hook for attachment of clips/accessories will void the warranty of all Miflex and XS Scuba hoses. The XS Scuba Hose Hook is secure attachment of a clip without causing potential damage to the hose. Designed for use with all low-pressure scuba hoses with an approximate 0.5" (1.27cm) diameter, the 3.3" (8.4cm) Hose Hook is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel has a 360 Degree swivel arm with threaded locking pin for attachment to hose. The opposite end of the hook has a spring-loaded gate clip opening to attach the hook to your equipment. Also included is a (L x Dia.) 2 x 0.48" (5.1 x 1.23cm) silicone sleeve that is mounted on the hose for the hooks anchor position.

Break away straps included.