Bob's Scuba Shop was started by Bob Peters back in 1956 and quickly became known as the place in Hamilton, Ontario for all things Scuba. We've since completely renovated and updated the store, expanded our range of PADI certified training programs, and have even more products for you to explore and discover.

Whether it is your dream to swim in the tranquil green blue waters off the coast of Fiji, enjoying its spectacular and diverse ocean life, or if you wish to explore the wrecks of the great lakes, your first step on this life changing adventure is learning to dive with a PADI certified Scuba Instructor.

New To Scuba?

Every diver remembers their certifying instructor. It is a pivotal moment in the development of new divers. Our instructors influence, attitude and the skills they bestow on our students often accompany them on their diving adventures for years to come. Thus we are always improving and becoming better SCUBA Instructors , it is an absolute necessity to us, no matter how long we have been teaching. We are strong believers that the right Instructor can give our future divers a great appreciation and respect for all things SCUBA. We are not just offering courses, we are offering a foundation built on the proper techniques and diving skills to ensure your future diving experiences will be fun, exciting and safe.


Bob's Scuba Shop has been serving Hamilton and the surrounding area for over 65 years with the best quality products, training, and service for any kind of adventure you plan to take underwater!

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer any questions you may have. We are a PADI 5 Star Dive Center and we are Scuba experts that offer PADI certified training programsexcellent service, and the best selection of products to make sure you are equipped with everything you need. Bob's Scuba Shop is your one stop shop for all of your underwater needs. 


If you're an advanced Scuba pro looking for the latest technology, new equipment, or a community of Scuba enthusiasts to go on underwater excursions with, then Bob's Scuba Shop is the place to be.

Nothing puts an abrupt halt to a dive trip like faulty equipment. But no one gets you back in the water faster than we do.

Whether we are refilling your SCUBA tank, inspecting your regulator or preparing a prescription mask for you, we are committed to quality workmanship at a competitive price. Our trained, experienced technicians will inspect, clean  and when necessary replace parts  to get you up and running and help ensure that you have a safe and pleasant dive.


Our Services Include:

-Air Fills

-Hydro testing and visual tank inspections

-Dry suit/ wet suit repair - Our dry suit and wet suit repair technicians are available to make minor --repairs and alterations to your suits.

-Prescription masks - while you wait! While other places can have you waiting up to two weeks for your prescription mask, Bob's Scuba Shop can have you on your way to the water the same day!

 -Paintball tank refills

-Travel services