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Provides an eye-catching light source to signal boats for divers who have become separated. A must have safety tool for all of your outdoor or in water adventures.

  • Reflector Signal Mirror: Suitable for long-distance communication in the field and send reflective survival signal.
  • Signal Transmission Function: With the aim function, the signal transmission is accurate and fast.
  • Performance: On clear day, optical signals can travel more than 100 kilometers.
  • Feature: It can be used on cloudy day or at night. Can be used as mirror at ordinary times. There is a whistle on the lanyard, can be used when you need to be rescued.

In the unlikely event that you’re at the surface and need to get the attention of someone on shore or on a boat, you’ll be glad you have a surface signaling device. Signaling devices are important safety equipment that help scuba divers be seen and heard if they need assistance. The recommendation is to always carry at least two devices – one audible and one visual.