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The  SUBGEAR XP-3G computer is the perfect instrument for all dives – in addition to having a depth sounder and freediving mode.

Compact, handy, intuitive, beautiful and packed with sophisticated innovative software the Subgear XP-3G computer for use with three gases is great!

SUBGEAR XP-3G: Advanced software for optimal security:

• ZH-L8 ADT MB algorithm
• Unique 3-gas Predictive Multigas Algorithm (PMG)
• PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops): Intermediate stops based on profile prevent the development of micro bubbles
• MB-Level Algorithm

Best features for every diving situation imaginable:

• Suitable for use with nitrox (21-100%)
• Depth gauge mode
• Freediving mode
• Suitable for use with CCR (closed circuit rebreather) system
• Integrated Altimeter
• Maximum operating depth 120 meters

Optimal comfort and simple operation:

• Easy-to-read display
• Active display lighting with on/off function
• Bookmark function: mark special moments and annotate later on PC/Mac
• Infrared technology: Diving and freediving sessions can be analyzed on PC/Mac
• Battery easy to replace
• Screen Protector