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The Släggö Flex Ring is a modular quick-change solution designed to make it easy to replace a broken or torn wrist seal on a drysuit. And now, with the new Oberon Dry Glove system, there’s a convenient and reliable method for attaching virtually any model of dry glove to a Släggö Flex Ring. Developed and manufactured by Si Tech, the Oberon Dry Glove System consists of 13 components per arm, connects to large and medium Släggö Flex Rings, and fits most common dry glove models. Dry gloves not included.

OBERON is a round Dry Glove System that connects with the PU-Ring of SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring. OBERON is an easy to use Dry Glove System, designed to perform - no matter the diving environment. OBERON Dry Glove System is a bayonet system that is easy to lock and release. 


  • User friendly
  • Self supported
  • Accomodating most hands
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fits to most common Dry Gloves.
  • Suit Ring: No alignment needed,
    360 swiveling connection
  • Lock and Release Ring: made of rubber
    for maximum grip, protects the O-ring
    from mud and debris