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Simple to use, full colour, multi-gas dive computer with simplified operations for all levels of scuba divers.

Main Features:

  • Full colour 5.59cm LCD screen with vivid, enhanced colour range and saturation display
  • Recreational diving mode with full decompression support
  • Easy to navigate and customize info display screens
  • No lockout for dive plan deviations
  • Wireless charging with a battery life of up to 30 hours per charge on medium brightness level (includes USB charging station)
  • Multiple languages available: English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Italian and Spanish
  • NDL planner and intuitive deco planner (Bühlmann GF algorithm)
  • Easily link via a bluetooth connection to multiple devices including a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer
  • Shearwater Cloud app allows you to view, edit, and synchronize dive logs as well as update firmware

Multi-Dive Modes:

  • Air (For recreational diving)
  • Nitrox (Single gas up to 40%)
  • 3 Gas Nitrox (Up to 100% O2)
  • Gauge (Depth, time, resettable stop watch function)

Basic Functions & Features:

Style: Large wrist-style
User Interface: 2 button
Dive Log: 200 hours
Depth Rating: 394 ft (120m)
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
Air Integration: No
Nitrox compatible: Yes
PC Downloadable: Yes, bluetooth
Alarms: Visual, vibration, audible 
Safety Stop Prompt: Yes, in recreational mode
Ascent Rate Indicator: Yes
Automatic Altitude Adjustment: Yes
Modes: Dive, Log, Plan, Gauge