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The Trim Weight ballast system consists of two additional rear ballast pockets that can be mounted on either side of the backrest directly on the tank strap.

Mares Trim Weight Pockets may be added to your rig to increase weight capacity or to trim your orientation in the water. Great for mounting on cylinder cam bands and provide counterbalance for a more upright stable position on the surface. They also take weight off the hips for added comfort. Pockets are easy to mount with double loop to fit perfectly on cam band assemblies. Each pocket holds 2 kg (5 lbs.) of hard block or soft pouch weights. Pockets are made from durable nylon fabric and have squeeze-style side-release buckles to secure weight in pocket. Pockets are non-releasable in design and are sold in pairs.

Mares Trim Weight Pocket Features

  • Mares Trim Weight Pocket:
  • Increase Weight Capacity or Trim Your Orientation In-the-Water
  • Easy to Mount w/Double Loop to Fit Perfectly On Cam Band Assemblies
  • Takes Weight Off Hips for Added Comfort
  • Each Pocket Holds 2 kg (5 lbs.) of Hard Block or Soft Pouch Weights
  • Non-Releasable Weight Pockets
  • Durable Nylon Fabric
  • Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckles Secure Weight-In-Pocket
  • Sold in Pairs