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Stay safe and accurately navigate your dives with our Dual Scale Pressure Gauge Console. This console features a high-quality pressure gauge with a 5000psi/350BAR reading range, as well as a reliable compass to help you orient yourself underwater. The pressure gauge has a large, easy-to-read display with both PSI and BAR markings, so you can quickly and accurately check your pressure at a glance. 

The gauge has a 1.75" diameter and comes with a protective boot and hose. The durable construction of the gauge and compass ensures that they will last for many diving adventures to come. So if you're in need of reliable and accurate pressure and navigation tools for your diving gear, our Dual Scale Pressure Gauge Console is the perfect choice.  

  •  Dual Scale DG and PG 
  • Includes gauges, boot & hose. 
  • 200FT/60M Depth Gauge 
  • 5000psi/350BAR Pressure Gauge 
  • 1.75” diameter.