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We have put together a Regulator, BCD & Wrist Computer Package with all of GENESIS'S best dive gear, we promise you will not be disappointed.  We can even add a 7mm Wetsuit, Hood & Gloves for an extra $550.00

Steeped in tradition of the GS2000, the Prana Regulator delivers on the expectations around the world for breathing performance, durability, longevity, and styling. This top performing regulator is designed to perform in a wide variety of extreme conditions. The dry environmentally sealed flow by piston 1st stage with the patented Dry Air Demand (DAD) will perform consistently regardless of depth or tank pressure. The fine tune breathing resistance 2nd stage, combined with an extremely reliable 1st stage, will deliver a smooth breathing experience regardless of diver’s breathing demand.

And then we added the Genesis Prana Octopus.

The Genesis Prana Octopus 2nd Stage delivers air effortlessly; its pre-dive/dive switch eliminates sensitivity when swimming through surf, jumping off the side of the boat, or fining in a current, yet allows high performance breathing when needed. Durability is assured with a non-corrosive plastic housing and a single valve tube construction provides a precise channel for the poppet to travel. Injection molded thermoplastic rubber seat maintains its shape and does not coin as deeply.

And then we added the Genesis Triple Guage with depth, pressure & compass.

This compact and durable console features three high-quality gauges to keep you informed and safe while diving. The depth gauge accurately measures up to 200 feet (60 meters), while the pressure gauge measures up to 5000psi (350BAR). And with a built-in compass, you'll always know which direction you're heading. 
The Three Gauge Console comes with a protective boot and hose. Trust us, this is one accessory you don't want to be without on your next dive! Get yours today and make the most of your underwater adventures.

Then we added the Genesis Origin BCD, Weight Integrated with Trim Pockets.  

The Genesis Origin is a Lightweight Jacket Style Weight Integrated Buoyancy Compensator. It is the ideal Entry Level BCD for the budget conscious new diver. Durable and stable, the Origin is  a go to BCD for for Dive Centers, looking for an affordable Weight Integrated Jacket for their rental rental department. The two large zippered pockets are functional and accessible for all divers and instructors.


  • Integrated Releasable Weight System
  • 420 Denier Nylon Material
  • Fade Resistant
  • Removable Closed-Cell Pad on Rigid Backpack
  • Adjustable Cummerbund
  • Rugged design
  • Lift capacity for local diving and packs flat for travel
  • Equipped with 20 lbs. integrated weight system and two 5 lbs. trim weight pockets
  • Optimized D-ring position

Then to top it all off, we have added the Genesis Centauri Wrist Computer to the package. What a deal.

The Genesis Centauri Dive wrist mount computer is fully capable of all your diving needs. Whether you are scuba diving, free diving or nitrox trained, the Bühlmann ZH-L-16C algorithm will help guide you to manage all of your diving needs. Every setting is available to customize, in order to have this dive computer work the best for you. Plus, it is stylish enough to wear every day. Available in English, Chinese and Spanish.

  • Diver Log
  • Smart Phone Wireless Sync
  • Long battery life
  • Audible Alarm
  • Vibration Alarm
  • Hibernation Mode
  • Temperature

The long awaited Dive Story App is now available for both iOS and Android mobile devices to download, record and manage all your Centauri Wrist Dive Computer diving adventures.

There you have it, all put together & ready to go.  You don't have to stop there, ADD a Henderson 7mm Wetsuit, hood & gloves for only $550.00