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Gara 3000 Long Distance is Cressi's entry-level long blade fin designed with softer blades, which make the Gara 3000 LD a perfect choice for the beginning diver or those not familiar using long blade fins. The LD version originate from the greatly-appreciated Gara 3000 but the material of the blade is softer than the previous version, what makes them stand out. Thanks to the softer blade less muscle effort is required for kicking so divers can use them for longer, making them perfect to use many hours in a row. The Gara 3000 LD is constructed with durability in mind and long soft plastic blades that can effectively transfer power with minimum effort, which make this fin very comfortable and easy on the legs for the beginner or during long duration dives. The Gara 3000 LD is an extremely comfortable and is a full foot pocket style fin. This fin is also constructed using Cressi's unique three material molding process where different compounds are bonded together to provide flexibility in the foot area and while being able to deliver power thru the blade due to the stiffness that the multi compound molding process can provide. Can comfortably be worn with or without neoprene socks.