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The FG3 is the ultimate pole spear made in fiberglass to ensure lightness and speed while underwater. Ideal for traveling and perfect for small to medium size fish. The top ends with a male fitting of 6 mm and two spanner flats that allow tightening using a wrench. The pole is 229 cm | 102 in long and has a diameter of 13 mm. The rubber band is made in a Ø 9 mm OD latex tube with a cord inside installed to the hole. The latex tube length is 110 cm | 43 in, the cord length is 22 cm | 8.7 in, and the total length of 132 cm | 52 in. A Paralyzer Tip, composed of 3 tiny barb prongs, 30.5 cm | 12 in long, is included. Underwater fishing is a way of life and must be done responsibly and sustainably for the environment. Choose your prey well and fish only what is sufficient for feeding yourself, respect nature.