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We have put together the best of Akona's mask, snorkel & fins, all together in one perfect package for you.

First we picked a great snorkelling fin, the new AKONA Caicos fin. It has an extended sole plate, which adds thrust and relieves strain on your foot. Simple and reliable strap adjustment system. Contoured foot pocket for maximum comfort. Fins can be used with or without booties. High grade polypropylene material. The directional channel, in the middle of the fin, increases propulsion efficiency. Vent spaces, on each side of the fin, releases water not involved with thrust.

Next we added the mask, the AKONA'S Breeze Mask is a dual tempered glass lens mask that accommodates prescription lenses. The Liquid Silicone injected skirt has a double edge for smooth and effective sealing to the cheeks and forehead. The easily adjusted Quick Disconnect buckle system allows simple adjustments to the mask strap with no slipping. 

Followed by the perfect snorkel, the Akona Andros Snorkel. It has a semi-dry top which keeps most of the water splash in the surf or rough water from coming in the snorkel tube, has an easy clear purge valve with a deep well reservoir to keep the air way clear of residual water. The snorkel comes equipped with a comfortable clear replaceable silicone mouthpiece which curves inward to reduce jaw fatigue.

Then we have put it all in to the perfect bag. Holds a complete set of snorkel gear. And the best part......the bag is FREE.  Yes, you heard right, the bag is FREE.