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The Akona Andros snorkel as a semi-dry top which keeps most of the water splash in the surf or rough water from coming in the snorkel tube, has an easy clear purge valve with a deep well reservoir to keep the air way clear of residual water. The snorkel comes equipped with a comfortable clear replaceable silicone mouthpiece which curves inward to reduce jaw fatigue. The snorkel keeper is easy to attach to your favorite mask and the snorkel has a large smooth bore flex tube to keep it out of the way when on Scuba
  • SEMI-DRY TOP. The thoughtfully designed semi dry top will keep most water out of the breathing tube. Splashed water simply washes down the external sides of the breathing tube, staying out of the path of the air
  • EASY BREATHING: Large tube allows for extremely easy breathing. Maximum amount of air flow
  • LARGE RESERVOIR: If water does come down the tube, the large reservoir can hold some water without any impact to the breathing
  • EASY TO PURGE: A large one-way purge valve in the reservoir allows any water to be easily purged from the snorkel base
  • The Andros Snorkel is made by AKONA, specializing in Watersports since 1992