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The Cressi  Bonete Pro Dry Snorkelling Set is a great all-around snorkelling package for your next vacation. The tempered glass mask, the dry snorkel, and the short fins are transportable in a mesh bag. The mask has 2 lenses made of tempered glass. The skirt is made of soft silicone to adapt to different faces and ensure a perfect seal. The buckles are easy to adjust for strap length. The snorkel features a valve on the top that closes the tube when submerged, preventing the water from going inside. The mouthpiece is made of hypoallergenic soft silicone. The open heel short fins feature a rubber foot pocket that adapts at different feet shapes, and thanks to the adjustable strap, it can fit different sizes. The bag makes it easy to carry, rinse, dry and store the set after use. It is a lightweight and practical set for those who have the desire to travel around the world to explore the underwater world.