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Make the best out of your snorkeling adventure with the Head Calypso Dry Combo Snorkeling Package. This package comes with a single lens framless mask made with a high quality silicone skirt that is durable but is built for comfort. In addition, the Head Calypso Dry Combo Package has a dry snorkel that keeps water out making it easier for you to breath, making your snorkeling experience more enjoyable.

  • Low volume, frameless, silicone mask for great comfort and fit
  • Single lens mask for a wide field of vision
  • Tempered safety glass lens has exceptional clarity
  • Double feathered edge skirt for great fit
  • Quick adjusting buckles on skirt, superior hydrodynamics
  • Compact Dry Top Snorkel, keeps water out even while submerged, for easy continued breathing after surfacing
  • Silicone mouthpiece & silicone drop away flex tube for snorkelling and scuba diving use
  • Reusable proctective TRAVEL BOX included